Aws Part 6 → VPC part b

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A virtual private cloud is a virtual network that closely remember our traditional networking that you operate in your own data center with the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of AWS.

  1. It is logically isolated from other virtual network in the AWS Cloud.
  2. Max 5 VPC can be created and 200 subnet in one VPC.
  3. We can allocate Max 5 elastic IP.
  4. Once we created VPC →DHCP, NACL and security group will be automatically created.

Components of VPC →

  1. Implied router and routing table.
  2. Internet Gateway.
  3. Network ACL.
  4. Security groups
  5. Virtual Private Gateway.
  6. Peering connections
  7. elastic IP.

Two types of VPC

Default VPC

  1. Creating an each AWS Region when an AWS account is created.
  2. Has default CIDR, security group and ACL and route table setting.
  3. Has an Internet gateway by default.

Custom VPC

It is VPC Created by AWS Account Owner

  1. AWS user creating the custom VPC can decide the CIDR
  2. has its own default security group, network ACL and route tables.
  3. Does not have its own Internet gateway.

Note → Default VPC have Internet gateway but it is not present in Custom VPC . You have to create it and add it to routing table and define route of Internet.

Steps to create VPC →

  1. Create VPC
  2. create subnet.
  3. Create Internet gateway.
  4. Create routing table.

Public Subnet

If a subnet’s traffic is routed to an Internet gateway. The subnet is known as public subnet. If you want your instance in a public subnet to communicate with the Internet over IPV4, it must have a public IPV4 address or an Elastic IP address.

Private Subnet

If a subnet does not have a route to the Internet gateway, the subnet is known as private subnet.

Note → when You create a VPC, you must specify IPV4 , CIDR block for VPC the allowed block size in between /16 to /28 network.

The First 4 and a last IP address can’t be assigned

  1. →Represent the Network ID
  2. → Reserved by AWS IP address for VPC router
  3. →Reserved for DNS Server
  4. → Reserved for future purpose
  5. → Represent the Broadcast Address

AWS does not support Broadcast in VPC but Reserve this address




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