Chef → A DevOps Tool (part -1)

2 min readMar 1, 2023

Points covered →

  1. what is chef
  2. some important points on chef
  3. Advantages of chef

What is chef →

let’s Begins with a Story →suppose you have a big organisation which have 100’s of servers Now a task is came to install git on that 100’s of servers …man responsible for doing this is System Administrator who is doing this manually which takes a lot of time… guess what happen if we have a tool in which we click once to install and git is install in all the servers in that way we save a big whole time of installing it on one by one

guys!!!! we have that tool and that is Chef → A Configuration Management Tool

configuration management →It is a method through which we automate admin tasks.

It automates the task which the system administrator doing manually

Configuration management tool is of 2 types →

  1. Pull based In Pull Based it periodically check for the update from the main server to the nodes if update available it automaticlly install on the nodes connnected with the server →chef and puppet is a pull based config tool
  2. Push based → In push based nodes is not going to the main server for the update the update is pushed to the nodes automatically for example the update of apps is pushed to your phone playstore now it’s your choice whether you update or notpush based tool is Ansible when you need control in your hands so you take control of your own server for updation.

Important points of Chef →

  1. Chef is returning Ruby and Erlang language
  2. Developed by Adam Jacobs in 2009
  3. Actual name was Marionette later chef
  4. On April 2, 2019 the company announced that all the products are now open source under the Apache 2.0 licence.
  5. Chef is used by Facebook, AWS opworks , HP public cloud etc
  6. Chef is administration tool whatever system admins used to do manually. Now we are automating all the task by using chef
  7. configuration management tool turns your code into infrastructure as a code So your code would be repeatable, testable and versionable

Advantage of configuration management tool →

  1. Complete automation.
  2. Increase up time( server start time)
  3. Improve performance
  4. Insure compliance(rules and regulations)
  5. Prevent error
  6. Reduce cost




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