EC2 Instances in AWS

2 min readMar 25, 2023


what to study:-

1. what is ec2 instance

2.why is instance

3. types of ec2 instance

What is EC-2 :-

1. Amazon EC2 is basically a elastic compute cloud which provide you the different kind Servers or node or instance in which you perform daily personal and industrial operations at low cost

2. Amazon EC2 is elastic compute cloud provide scalable computing capacity in the AWS cloud

Why is EC2 :-

1. You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many or as few virtual server as you need configure security and networking and manage storage

2.Amazon EC2 enables you to scale up or scale down instance

3.Amazon EC2 having two storage options

1. EBS ( Elastic Block Storage) it is like hardrive attached to your computer which you can attach or detach according to needs

2. Instance Store — -> it is fast as it is instance connect storage like your laptop storage which is inside your laptop

4. Pre configure templates are available known as “Amazon machine image”

5. By default one region =20 instance with two default high input output instance

Types of EC-2 Instance in AWS :-

1.Genral Purposed — -> Balanced memory and cpu

2. Compute Optimized — -> More cpu than ram

3.Memory optimized — → More Ram

4. Accelerated Computing /GPU →Graphic optimized

5. Storage Optimized — — -> low latency

6.High Memory Optimized — -> High RAM and nitro system hypervisor provide you a great speed

7.Previous generation — -> which is not in used or old is under this category

we are going to discuss series in different instance types in next blog




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