Terraform→ Infrastructure building tool

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1st we learn why we use Terrafrom what is the need to use to this tool →let’s say you want to create 100 servers on a AWS cloud or any other cloud you have to do it manually that takes a lots of time what if you have tool which create 100 servers on a specific cloud in just one click

So terraform is the tool that helps you to create 100 server in one just click only thing that you need to do is writing the code once and implement number of times let’s see how it works — — →

Let’s have a look on base of terraform what terrafom is →

1.Terraform is used to build the infrastructure of your company

2.AWS have its own tool called cloud formation so why we use terraform the answer of this is you can use terraform in any of the cloud wherever it is Microsoft Azure Google cloud platform open stack digital ocean etc all these cloud have its own tool but they are Limited too only that platform but you can use terraform in any of the platform

3.It is developed by Mitchell hashimoto on a idea of single tool for building infrastructure on cloud in July 2014 terraform is only able to automate AWS cloud and digital ocean cloud

4.Word terraform is originates from a science word extra terrestrial activity means makes your planet to look like earth or makes your infra in any of the cloud

5.It becomes famous in 2017 when Microsoft tied up with Terraform and allow to make infrastructure of Microsoft Azure using Terraform
It is an Infrastructure As a Code tool

6.Later own by Hashicorp company by Mitchell hashimoto
Written in GO language

7.Used in case of multicloud and hybrid cloud (open stack +AWS)
Terraform uses hashicorp configure language(HCL) it is similar to Json but easy and human readable

8.IAC → Infrastructure as a code means used to managing and provisioning infrastructure by code instead of manual process

9.It works on declarative approach means only declare which type of infra you want to build it automatically runs the command in sequence and build your infra structure

10.What is Provider in Terraform → A provider is responsible for understanding API interaction and exposing resources If an API is available, you can create a provider.

A provider uses a plugin. In order to make a provider available on Terraform, we need to make a terraform in it. This command download any plugins we need for our providers.

Basic Commands of Terraform →

1. TERRAFORM INIT → the terraform INIT command is used to initialise the working directory containing Terraform configuration file. It is safe to run that command while multiple times.
The command will never delete your exiting configuration or state. During INIT , The route configuration directly is consulted for backend configuration and the backend is initialised
using the given configuration setting.

2.TERRAFORM VALIDATE → Basically it is checked the .tf(extension of terraform file)file you created and the code inside in it is correct or not and the syntax of the code have not a single error in it.

3.TERRAFORM PLAN → It gives the list of your code that need to be implemented in steps or in what steps you are infrastructure need to design.

4.TERRAFORM APPLY → It runs your .TF file and design your infrastructure according to the step mentioned in a file.

5.TERRAFORM DESTROY → The Terraform Destroy command is used to destroy the Terraform managed infrastructure.




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